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Access Control Software

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Access Control Software

Febex automated access control is designed to regulate personnel traffic in companies and government organizations. Fx-Access 1 access control software is a very efficient software developed offline in windows.

  • SQR Server data base
  • C# .NET programming language

Web interface

Software Specification:

  • Report of all entry and exits in specific timespans; Allowing entry to a certain number of individuals within a group.
  • Possibility to limit the number of entry/exits of individuals within a group in a day, meaning that certain number of entry/exits will be allowed in a day.
  • Defining personnel traffic on daily and weekly timespan basis (ea. 8:00 to 21:00, only even days)
  • Defining different timespans for different groups.
  • Defining validity period for the software, for every individual and every group; for example, a validity of one month or one year, as after the defined period the fingerprints would be automatically deactivated on the device.
  • Possibility to deactivate fingerprints of a group or an individual through the software automatically.
  • Possibility of deleting group(s) and individual(s) from the software. The possibility to apply the modification to device 2 without the need of deleting them in device 1.
  • The possibility of removing one or more individuals from a group and transfer this modification to device 2, so if the individual is not a member of any group, she/he is not allowed to enter.
  • The possibility of transferring individual(s) from a group.

Software specification: 

  • Defining unlimited groups and access timespan.
  • Applying manual access control adjustments on device;
  • View entry/exits at entrance doors, offline;
  • Defining unlimited number of devices;
  • HTML report exports;
  • Opening doors by the software;
  • Covering 50 persons.
  • Realtime network users: 1 pers.

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Access Control Software

More about the product 

Febex automated access control software is designed and developed to synchronize traffic in companies and government organizations. MD-Access 1 access control software is developed offline and is a very efficient windows-based software. As businesses develop so does the human resources. As a result, important organizations such as companies and government organizations that need to control their personnel traffic, require an automated and advanced personnel traffic system that can be easily accessible.

MD-Access 1 is a manually controlled automated system. It is possible to define access timespan for users, so it is possible for the staff to enter or exit only within the timespan already defined in the system. Although MD-Access 1 is developed offline in windows, but it gives you the possibility to monitor all entry and exits without an internet connection.

Some of the important features of this system are: retrieving HTML reports and defining 50 users. By considering customers’ needs, designers and experts at Febex knowledge-based company have optimized all functions in the system and have designed and developed a unique product

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Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the body of the Febex gates made of?

The body of Febex glass gates is made of steel. In the case of lever gates, the body is made entirely of steel. In order to reduce production costs, some models of the gates are made of iron sheets with electrostatic oven painting.

What are the warranty conditions for Febex gates?

The warranty for all gates is 18 months. Febex products are also covered by a 10-year after-sales service. Services and guarantees are offered by phone, in-person and online.

What model of access control equipment is installed on the gates of the Febex company?

All types of access control devices are installed at Febex gates and there are no restrictions in this regard. Access control devices can be installed on these gates, which work with cards, fingerprints, or facial recognition. A barcode reader with relay output can also be installed on FEBEX traffic gates.

Is your company's software compatible with Febex Gates?

The gate is hardware and in order to communicate with your software, it is essential that the access control reader installed on the gate is able to communicate and connect with your software.

How do people cross the traffic gate?

The traffic of employees and people depends on your organization’s policy. Employees typically pass through the gate using cards, fingerprints, and facial recognition. Traffic from people who are not employees of the organization is handled by two methods: a Traffic card or paper receipt and a barcode reader. It is also possible to use a combination of all these options.

How many traffic aisles are needed for your business?

The number of aisles and doorways depends on the size of the building entrance and the volume of traffic during peak hours. According to the standard, on average 45 people per minute pass through each corridor of the gate and 15 people per minute in the company. For every 100 people, simultaneous traffic during peak hours is recommended.

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Febex helps put you in control of your personal information. For example, Privacy Nutrition Labels help you see how apps use your data. Apps need your permission to track your activity across other companies’ apps or websites. And that’s just for starters.

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