Febex Company unveiled its new product at the Erbil Building Exhibition.

Pedestrians’ Access Control Gates are included in this product. It has a beautiful, user-friendly design. It can be used in a variety of industries and commercial buildings.

The product has good durability and resistance to different weather conditions.

Erbil Building Industry Exhibition was held from 25. February to 29. February 2020 in Erbil, Iraq. Erbil Building Industry Exhibition is one of the top exhibitions in the field of construction in Iraq.

The Iraqi Building Exhibition, approved by the International Federation of Exhibitions (UFI), supports the opportunity to discover potential investments, bring together different sectors, and cover many sectors of the construction and industry with support. Offers complete local and regional trade unions, associations, government offices, and chambers of commerce.

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FEBEX, a global manufacturer and supplier of security entrances gate and barrier gates, offers a range of products including various types of vehicle and pedestrian traffic control gates.

Company address in Canada:

Febex Company , Bloor-yonge ,Toronto,Ontario / Canada



Tel:+1 (647) 366-6936

Factory address in Türkiye :

Febex Machinery Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company

Company Bursa free zone branch, Ata sb. Mah Orkide Cad. Mlc Block No: 27 Gemlik / BURSA

Tel:+90 (224) 2751010 – 39

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