Security and Access Control Solutions for Airports by FEBEX

FEBEX, an international company with its factory based in Turkey, specializes in state-of-the-art security and access control solutions for airports. Leveraging advanced software and hardware technologies, FEBEX products are designed to meet the latest industry standards. The company places a strong emphasis on maintaining security, facilitating processes, and expediting the control of individual and vehicular traffic at airports through the deployment of access control gates and various software applications.

FEBEX Solutions for Airports

In public transportation and large vehicle environments, where passenger numbers and population density are high, security equipment and surveillance play a crucial role. Airports, due to their technical and security sensitivities, require more extensive monitoring and control systems compared to other transportation hubs.

FEBEX has developed and produced products tailored to these environments, ensuring high efficiency in controlling the flow and access of individuals. The optimal use of both hardware and software equipment greatly facilitates airport management environments.

Airports: Streamlining Traffic with New Technologies

Trade, cultural exchange, and professional life for a segment of society depend on air travel. Given its sensitivity, air transportation must always be under control and utilize the latest technologies available.

Modern airport traffic infrastructures are built based on traffic control systems. New technologies constantly enter the market to enhance the movement and access of individuals at airports. Security and surveillance systems with high precision contribute significantly to airport control and monitoring.

FEBEX Products’ Contribution to Airport Operations

The congestion and population density at airports have reached a point where essential tasks cannot be accomplished solely through human resources. Before the advent of intelligent systems in airport operations, processes were entirely manual and labor-intensive.

Today, FEBEX products help streamline airport operations. Live image capturing systems quickly compare security details and data, providing swift results for passenger verification. During certificate and visa issuance, various systems ensure both expediency and the complete security of passengers and airport premises. Different traffic control gates and biometric identification systems at the world’s busiest airports contribute to passenger services and expedite ground transportation processes.

Security Gates and Airports

Airport traffic operates 24/7, and the traffic rates are consistently high. Access control gates for individuals and vehicles, as well as cargo gates, play a crucial role in ensuring security and controlling traffic, supported by airport personnel and authorities. Various gates, including metal detectors and body temperature identification gates, prevent the entry of unauthorized objects and potentially ill individuals into the airport and aircraft.

Security Gates for Vehicle Traffic at Airports

The vehicle traffic control gates and road blockers produced by FEBEX fully comply with global standards. These road blockers effectively prevent the entry of various vehicles and potential intruders.

Security or anti-terrorism road blockers are used in areas requiring high security and protection. These road blockers, including floor-mounted and tire killer types, are equipped with small spikes that do not have significant height but effectively puncture the tires of intruding vehicles. In other models, columns or barriers ranging from 70 to 120 centimeters in height are placed in the path, causing enough damage to prevent the continued movement of the vehicle.

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FEBEX, a global manufacturer and supplier of security entrances gate and barrier gates, offers a range of products including various types of vehicle and pedestrian traffic control gates.

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