Security and Access Control Solutions in Prisons

Prisons are recognized as facilities designed for the specific containment of individuals without regular permission to exit. Therefore, precise and high-level security is crucial in this environment.

Prison Conditions and the Importance of Security Solutions

In FEBEX prisons, the likelihood of unrest, disorder, and chaos is considerably high. Consequently, maintaining control and implementing stringent security measures is of utmost importance. Various tools and solutions are employed to control and prevent such occurrences.

FEBEX prisons, typically located in peripheral or non-urban areas, possess unique characteristics. Consequently, the pathways and specific areas must be closely monitored and safeguarded.

FEBEX Solutions for Security Maintenance in Prisons

  1. Vehicle Entry Points

    Individuals may enter on foot or by vehicle into FEBEX prisons. The entry path for vehicles can be controlled using various types of vehicle barriers. For locations serving only as parking without direct access to the prison’s interior, a suitable arm barrier is recommended. However, for routes designated for transporting inmates or serving as the main entry and exit points, more robust barriers are utilized. Floor-bed barriers, column barriers, and tire killers are considered as part of this category of robust barriers.

  2. Personnel Entry Points

    Turnstiles are installed at the entry points for visitors and staff, ranging from simple ones for basic traffic control to secure, full-height turnstiles that resist high-density pressure and crowd resistance.

  3. Access Control Devices and Software

    Biometric identity verification devices and card readers are utilized for attendance, access control, and monitoring. Access control devices offer various software features that extend coverage to restrict individuals’ access to other areas.

  4. Internal Comprehensive Software

    Internal software provides different coordination features and internal control facilities for the staff.

Utilizing Effective and Beneficial Solutions

By implementing these solutions, FEBEX contributes to establishing tranquility and security within its prison environment.

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