Security Solutions and Access Control in Military Facilities by FEBEX

FEBEX, an international company with a manufacturing facility in Turkey, specializes in providing advanced security and access control solutions for military centers. Recognized as critical security hubs in any country, military facilities are tasked with both protective duties and the safekeeping and production of essential security documents. Threats such as terrorist attacks, invasions, and unauthorized access require constant attention from the authorities overseeing these facilities. Physical protection and software security are top priorities in safeguarding the integrity and position of these locations.

FEBEX’s Solutions for Military Centers:

Typically, ground access to these facilities occurs through carefully monitored gates and specialized entrances. Vigilance is exercised over these entry points to thwart potential ground attacks involving heavy vehicles intent on breaching security with pressure and speed.

FEBEX has designed and produced specialized bollards for anti-intrusion and anti-terrorism purposes. These bollards serve as effective barriers against unauthorized vehicle entry, with various options available based on security requirements. From arm barriers for traffic control at entry points to more robust bollards for subsequent stages, FEBEX offers tailored solutions. Tyre-killer, anti-terrorism, and bollard barriers are among the most effective options for these facilities, ensuring optimal and efficient performance with additional peripheral equipment like loop detectors, guide lights, and high-range antennas to facilitate management and control.

Utilizing Turnstiles and Access Control Software:

Control over personnel entry is achieved through turnstiles and attendance devices, enhancing security and providing various smart locking solutions for specific areas. Another effective tool in military facilities is the deployment of guard patrol systems.

Full-height turnstiles come in various types, offering different levels of security. Full-height turnstiles stand out as the most resistant type, demonstrating high durability against pressure and person-to-person invasions.

By integrating access control software into a comprehensive access control system, managing, controlling, and monitoring military facilities becomes more straightforward. The combination of software and hardware tools reduces human errors, providing real-time reports on all access points. This approach enhances system security, efficiency, and the ability to counter any security threats effectively.

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