Fibex Company in Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries

Fibex Company, operating internationally, conducts its activities in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, with its factory located in Turkey. These industries play a crucial role in our country’s economy, and ensuring the supervision, control, and protection of the associated centers and factories is of utmost importance. Establishing security measures enables these industries to continue their operations optimally and efficiently.

Traffic control solutions for individuals and vehicles, monitoring and supervision of equipment and products’ exits, security and surveillance, internal organizational access controls, and various personnel, security, and comprehensive software contribute to managing and ensuring the security of these organizations.

Fibex Company’s solutions in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries include gateways for individuals, vehicle gates, and specialized barriers. These solutions are essential for maintaining security in high-traffic areas within refineries, petrochemical plants, and related industries. Identity verification for individuals, including personnel and guests, is crucial due to the sensitive nature of these industries, and Fibex offers various traffic control and identity verification solutions. These include identity verification through national ID cards, biometric data (facial recognition, fingerprint, palm print, etc.), and guest cards.

Combining traffic control devices such as gates with attendance and access control devices minimizes the risk of unauthorized entry to these facilities. Vehicle traffic control is highly important in the oil and gas industries. The potential for attacks or attempts to infiltrate and sabotage operational areas of these industries is significant. Heavy-duty vehicles may pose a physical threat by attempting to enter these facilities. Implementing suitable mechanisms to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry greatly helps control and prevent damages.

Special barriers designed for this purpose, known as anti-terrorism barriers, have been created, also referred to as bollards. Their operational mechanisms may vary, but all are designed to stop or cause serious damage to the intruding vehicle. Considering the geographical location and entry points of these organizations, one or more barriers can be used effectively.

Anti-terrorism, Tyrekiler, and bollard barriers are embedded in the ground when inactive and rise to a specific height when activated. The resistance of anti-terrorism and bollard barriers is defined according to specific standards and is considered the best type of barrier to prevent attacks.

Tyrekiler barriers are also ground-embedded and feature spikes or pins that rise from the ground when activated. As a vehicle passes over them, the vehicle’s tires are damaged to the extent that it cannot bear its weight, compelling the driver to stop, preventing the vehicle from deviating from its path.

Fibex’s products excel in providing solutions for the oil and gas industry. Security and control over all sections and entities of organizations active in the oil and gas sector are ensured through Fibex’s products. Being a knowledge-based company, Fibex is one of the largest producers of security and protection equipment in the country. Fibex holds approval from the Ministry of Oil and is the top-ranking producer of AVL oil systems. Currently, the company’s products are approved for electronic security and protection by the Ministry of Oil, instilling confidence in many oil ministry-supervised companies to use Fibex’s products.

With the comprehensive traffic control and inspection system provided by Fibex, pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas of refineries, petrochemical plants, and related industries are fully under the watchful eye of security. Coordination and complete monitoring of personnel traffic, inspection of visitors with maintaining decorum and respect for employees and supervisors, and creating order and coherence within the organization are facilitated.

In summary, Fibex Company’s advanced solutions significantly contribute to enhancing security and traffic control in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, aligning with international standards and best practices.

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FEBEX, a global manufacturer and supplier of security entrances gate and barrier gates, offers a range of products including various types of vehicle and pedestrian traffic control gates.

Company address in Canada:

Febex Company , Bloor-yonge ,Toronto,Ontario / Canada

Tel:+1 (647) 366-6936

Factory address in Türkiye :

Febex Machinery Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company

Company Bursa free zone branch, Ata sb. Mah Orkide Cad. Mlc Block No: 27 Gemlik / BURSA

Tel:+90 (224) 2751010 – 39

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