Security Solutions and Access Control in Factories

Effective management of personnel attendance and access control in factories and industrial centers is crucial. In this context, the international company “Febex” with its factory in Turkey offers comprehensive solutions to enhance attendance and access control processes.

In administrative matters, manual and non-integrated calculations lead to energy and time wastage, coupled with a considerable risk of errors. Therefore, security and inspection in payroll payment, along with software and hardware integration in the access control system, are essential to ensure accurate personnel performance statistics.

Febex’s solutions in factories involve utilizing various methods and integrating access control systems at each location, particularly in factories. These solutions result in savings in time and human resources, providing real-time and continuous monitoring of attendance, access, and contributing to workforce efficiency in achieving other production and service goals.

In parking areas, the use of automated car barriers and high-range antennas allows vehicle traffic without the need for operators or guards. Defining access for each vehicle in the software and system integration automates the control of the entire factory’s traffic.

During the exit of tools and equipment from the factory, special tags and receivers control these movements in a traceable and manageable manner. Additionally, turnstiles equipped with attendance devices enable precise control of employees’ and visitors’ or customers’ repeated entry into the factories, with performance lists automatically generated and visible.

In factories adhering to necessary health standards, the use of hygienic gates enhances work speed and quality. Attendance and absence software registers all personnel traffic, significantly facilitating calculation operations and personnel management tasks.

The use of patrol and guard software during factory downtime represents one of the best management and security solutions. The advantages of Febex’s solutions include smoother traffic and less time wastage, elimination of the need for guards in traffic control, software and hardware integration, and a reduction in the complexity of supervision and human resources management processes.

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