FEBEX Museum Security and Access Control Solutions

Museums serve as vital repositories for valuable artifacts, demanding meticulous care and protection. FEBEX, an international player with its factory based in Turkey, is committed to implementing advanced security measures and access control systems within museum environments.

Importance of Artifact Maintenance in Museums

In museum settings, glass display cases and specialized cabinets are carefully chosen to exhibit precious and sensitive objects. The significance of maintaining a secure environment for showcased items is underscored by the incorporation of dedicated spaces for objects with specific protection requirements. Visitors are guided by signs and markings, ensuring adherence to designated paths and preventing undue proximity to the artifacts.

To enhance security and protection, each museum section is equipped with trained guards or guides who oversee visitor activities and intervene when necessary to address security and safety concerns. Beyond regular operating hours, FEBEX ensures the safeguarding of museum premises and artifacts against potential risks, both in terms of potential tampering and hazards that could jeopardize the integrity of the exhibits.

Solutions for Museum Security and Preservation


To ensure museum security, FEBEX considers various programs. Additionally, the physical condition of objects is safeguarded through strategically planned protective measures. Sensitivity to visitor access to sensitive areas is addressed by implementing identification processes, such as initial identity verification or facial recognition.

Entry Gates:

The predefined visitor path within museums is controlled through the use of turnstiles and gates. FEBEX employs individual and full-height gates to facilitate controlled access and traffic management in various museum sections. Gate functionality is designed to prevent unauthorized passage and discourage rapid or group entry.

Metal Detectors:

Metal detector gates play a crucial role in detecting prohibited objects within museums. FEBEX’s metal detector gates allow visitors to pass through security measures while maintaining their dignity and privacy.

Smart Locks and Latches:

FEBEX utilizes intelligent locking mechanisms to protect cabinets, sections, and museum rooms. These smart locks enhance security and contribute to the overall protection of museum collections.

Software Solutions:

Various management software applications provided by FEBEX enable real-time monitoring of employee and visitor attendance, status of museum sections, visitor density, and surveillance during holidays. Ticketing software contributes to effective visitor management and control.

Parking Barriers:

For the management of vehicular traffic within museum premises, FEBEX employs intelligent parking barriers that contribute to traffic control.

FEBEX, as a knowledge-based company, designs and manufactures effective solutions for the management, control, and protection of museums. By prioritizing security and protection, FEBEX ensures comprehensive coverage of all aspects of museum operations.

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