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speed gates access control

Speed Gates

High-speed models, known for their elegant design and robust durability, find extensive utilization. They can be employed in conjunction with diverse sensors and facial recognition scanners.

flap gates access control

Flap Gates

The Febex Flap Turnstile Gate offers an effective access control solution for a range of workspaces and public areas.

sliding gates access control

Sliding Gates

A slide gate is a streamlined access control solution designed for efficient entry and exit management in diverse environments, ensuring heightened security and smooth operations.

full height turnstiles gates access control

Full Height Turnstile

Full height turnstiles are physical access control devices designed to restrict and manage the flow of people in secure areas. These turnstiles are typically taller and more robust than waist-height turnstiles, making them suitable for high-security environments such as stadiums, airports, prisons, and industrial facilities.

half height turnstiles gates access control

Half Height Turnstile

Half height turnstiles are physical access control devices designed to manage and control the flow of people in various settings, such as office buildings, public transit stations, and amusement parks. These turnstiles are typically waist-high and provide a more accessible and less restrictive barrier compared to full height turnstiles.

Tripod Turnstiles gates acceess control

Tripod Turnstile

Tripod turnstiles are compact and efficient physical access control devices designed to manage pedestrian traffic in various environments, including public transit stations, office buildings, and sports facilities. These turnstiles are named after their three rotating arms that resemble a tripod.

Swing gates acceess control

Swing Gates

Swing gates are physical access control devices commonly used to regulate pedestrian traffic in both indoor and outdoor settings. These gates consist of one or two swinging panels that pivot to allow or restrict passage.

turnstile Hygiene Gates access control

Hygiene Gates

Hygiene gates are specialized access control devices designed to promote hygiene and sanitation in controlled environments, such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities, and food processing plants. These gates play a crucial role in preventing the spread of contaminants and ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Febex Company: An Overview of Global security gates and Access Control Solutions

Febex Company is a leading global manufacturer and supplier specializing in access control solutions, offering a wide range of innovative access control gates to manage the flow of people at entry and exit points in various locations. These devices ensure security and convenience across a multitude of settings.

Introduction to Access Control Gates

An access control gate is a pivotal device used to manage the flow of people, ensuring precise access management and security. We delve into the functionality and applications of these access control devices and highlight their importance.

Exploring the Various Types of Access Control Gates

  • Speed Gates
  • Flap Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Full Height Access Control Gates
  • Half Height Access Control Gates
  • Tripod Access Control Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Hygiene Gates
  • Metal Detector Gates
  • Security Access Control Gates

Enhancing Security Measures with Access Control Gates

We examine the advanced security access control gates provided by Febex, their features and benefits, and how they stand as a formidable barrier against unauthorized entry.

Integration of Card Reader Technology in Access Control Gates

This section discusses Febex Company’s access control gates with card readers, their advantages, and their applications in modern security management.

A Comprehensive Cost Analysis of Access Control Gates

Understanding the pricing of access control gates, from the factors affecting their prices to the overall cost analysis, Febex Company offers insights into both initial and ongoing expenses.

The Proper Installation of Access Control Gates: A Guide

Febex Company provides essential guidance on installing an access control gate, covering all necessary considerations and precautions to maintain functionality and security.

Optimal Management of Access Control Gate Systems

Access control gates integrate seamlessly with access management technology. Febex Company explores these technologies and the benefits of streamlined access and security.

The Benefits of Implementing Access Control Gates

Discussing several advantages of access control gates, from improved security to efficient crowd management, Febex Company emphasizes their role in safety and convenience.

Global Network of Access Gate Suppliers by FEBEX

Finding Reliable Access Control Gate Suppliers Globally

For those in pursuit of access control gate suppliers, Febex Company showcases a comprehensive network of reputable partners worldwide, providing insights for global procurement.

Choosing the Right Access Control Gate Supplier in Saudi Arabia

In this section, Febex Company aids you in finding trusted access control gate suppliers in Saudi Arabia, a key aspect of maintaining robust security systems.

Connecting with Access Control Gate Suppliers in Canada

Exploring the range of suppliers in Canada, Febex Company guides you in selecting an appropriate partner for access control gates to fulfill your security needs.

Securing Top Suppliers of Access Control Gates in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a focal point for security solutions. Febex Company assists in identifying the leading access control gate suppliers in the region for your security projects.

Access Control Gate Manufacturing in Turkey

With Turkey’s significant manufacturing capabilities, Febex Company provides information on Turkish suppliers and their offerings in the realm of access control and security solutions.


What is a turnstile gate?

A turnstile gate is a security access control device with rotating arms or barriers, commonly used to manage the flow of people.

How can you install a turnstile gate?

Installation involves mounting and connecting the gate components according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Why is a turnstile gate used?

Turnstile gates are used to control access to secure areas and facilities.

How does an automatic turnstile gate work?

Automatic turnstile gates use sensors or access control systems to open and allow entry.

How does a turnstile gate work with a card reader?

Turnstile gates with card readers require users to present a valid card for entry.

What is the price range for turnstile gates?

Prices vary but can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

How is a turnstile gate integrated into access control systems?

Integration typically involves connecting the gate to an access control system using wiring or software.

What are the advantages of using a turnstile gate?

Advantages include enhanced security, crowd control, and visitor tracking.

What are the different types of turnstile gates?

Types include full-height, tripod, and waist-height turnstile gates.

What happens if you jump over a subway turnstile gate?

Jumping a subway turnstile gate is illegal and can result in fines or penalties.

Why is Febex the best choice?

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Explore our range of advanced gates, including Speed, Flap, Sliding, Full Height Turnstile, Half Height Turnstile, Tripod Turnstile, Swing, and Hygiene Gates.

Explore our security solutions: Tire Killers, Parking Barriers, Bollard Gates, and Road Blocker Barriers. Elevate access control with our advanced gates.

FEBEX, a global manufacturer and supplier of security entrances gate and barrier gates, offers a range of products including various types of vehicle and pedestrian traffic control gates.

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