Security Solutions and Access Control in Metros by FEBEX

Latest Developments from Febex in Metro Security and Access Control Solutions

Public transportation systems, including rail and bus networks, are essential components of urban infrastructure
for facilitating the movement of people. In metro stations, the use of access control gates plays a crucial
role in streamlining operations and maintaining order. Fbex, an internationally active company with its
manufacturing facility in Turkey, stands as a pioneer in the field of metro security and access control

Security and access control solutions in metro systems leverage modern technologies, such as specialized
ticket gates like turnstiles and swing gates, to effectively monitor access at stations and other public
transportation modes. These gates not only prevent unauthorized access but also contribute to the seamless
ticketing process and automated management of passenger flow.

Fbex’s standout products, including access control gates, enhance the security levels of metro lines and
facilitate the automated management of transportation fees at metro stations. The automatic fare collection
(AFC) system efficiently handles metro transactions, underscoring its significance in the transportation

Advantages of Utilizing Access Control Gates in Metro Systems:

  1. Increased speed and convenience in payment processes for transportation fees by passengers.
  2. Avoidance of fare evasion and establishment of order during peak hours and crowded stations.
  3. Elevation of security standards and physical protection at stations.
  4. Instant registration and precise reporting of passenger traffic and revenue from transportation fees.
  5. Automation and self-service in the entry and exit processes of passengers at stations.
  6. Reduced dependency on human resources, leading to enhanced system efficiency.

By incorporating intelligent technologies, Fbex prioritizes the adherence to citizens’ rights and aims to create
inclusive facilities for individuals with diverse abilities and situations. This approach contributes to
improving the concept of public transportation and ensures a secure and comfortable passenger experience.

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FEBEX, a global manufacturer and supplier of security entrances gate and barrier gates, offers a range of products including various types of vehicle and pedestrian traffic control gates.

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Febex Company , Bloor-yonge ,Toronto,Ontario / Canada

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Febex Machinery Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company

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