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Tire Killer (FX963-964-965-966)

Tire Killer (FX963-964-965-966)

Febex Tire killer is composed by heavy-duty spikes that rise from the ground; It operates as an access control barrier, prevents the passage of unauthorized vehicles or it allows the exit from a supervised area.

Febex Tire Killers: Innovative Security Measures for Controlled Access


In the realm of security and access control, the tire killer stands out as an innovative and effective solution.
Designed to prevent unauthorized vehicle access, tire killers are a formidable deterrent that combines technology
and physical barriers. This article explores the concept of tire killers, their functionality, applications, and
the impact they have on enhancing security in various environments.

Understanding Tire Killers:

Tire killers are robust, surface-mounted devices installed at entry points such as parking lots, checkpoints, and
sensitive installations. Their primary purpose is to thwart unauthorized vehicles from entering restricted areas.
The design of tire killers incorporates a row of retractable spikes or teeth that lie flat on the ground when
deactivated, allowing authorized vehicles to pass without hindrance.


  1. Automatic Activation: Tire killers are equipped with sensors that automatically detect
    approaching vehicles. When an authorized vehicle approaches, the system is triggered to retract the spikes,
    allowing the vehicle to pass smoothly.
  2. Manual Control: In addition to automatic activation, tire killers often come with manual
    control options. Security personnel can operate the system using a remote control or a control panel,
    providing flexibility in managing access points.
  3. Deterrence: The mere presence of tire killers serves as a visual deterrent, discouraging
    unauthorized vehicles from attempting to breach secured areas. The potential damage to tires and the risk of
    vehicle immobilization make them think twice before attempting unauthorized entry.


  1. Military Installations: Tire killers find extensive use in military bases and sensitive
    installations where controlled access is crucial. They provide an added layer of security to prevent
    unauthorized vehicles from entering high-security areas.
  2. Government Buildings: Government facilities, including embassies and administrative
    offices, utilize tire killers to enhance perimeter security. The controlled access ensures the safety of
    personnel and sensitive information.
  3. Commercial and Industrial Sites: Industrial complexes, data centers, and manufacturing
    plants employ tire killers to safeguard against unauthorized access, protecting valuable assets and
    maintaining operational continuity.
  4. Parking Facilities: Tire killers are commonly installed in secured parking facilities to
    regulate access and prevent unauthorized parking. This is particularly useful in corporate campuses and
    high-security areas.


  1. Enhanced Security: Tire killers offer a robust solution for preventing unauthorized
    vehicle access, enhancing overall security measures.
  2. Flexibility: The ability to control tire killers manually or automatically provides
    flexibility in managing access points based on specific security needs.
  3. Visual Deterrent: The visible spikes serve as a powerful visual deterrent, deterring
    potential intruders and reinforcing the seriousness of access restrictions.


Tire killers represent a cutting-edge approach to controlled access and perimeter security. As technology
continues to advance, these systems are likely to become even more sophisticated, providing comprehensive
solutions for safeguarding various environments. As organizations and institutions prioritize security, tire
killers stand as a tangible and effective means of ensuring controlled access and protecting against potential


What is a tire killer?

A tire killer is a security device designed to prevent unauthorized vehicle access. It typically features retractable spikes or teeth that lie flat on the ground when deactivated and are raised to obstruct vehicles when activated.

How do tire killers work?

Tire killers work through automatic activation using sensors that detect approaching vehicles. When an authorized vehicle approaches, the spikes retract, allowing smooth passage. They can also be manually controlled by security personnel using a remote control or a control panel.

Where are tire killers commonly used?

Tire killers find applications in various settings, including military installations, government buildings, commercial and industrial sites, and parking facilities. They are deployed in areas where controlled access is crucial for security.

What are the benefits of using tire killers?

Tire killers offer enhanced security by preventing unauthorized vehicle access. They provide flexibility in control, with options for automatic and manual activation. The visible spikes also serve as a powerful visual deterrent.

Can tire killers be integrated with other security systems?

Yes, tire killers can be integrated with other security systems. Their compatibility allows them to work in conjunction with access control systems, surveillance cameras, and other security measures to provide comprehensive protection.

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