Security Solutions and Traffic Control in Shopping Centers

As FEBEX, an international company with our factory based in [province], we specialize in providing comprehensive security solutions and efficient traffic control measures for shopping centers.

Shopping Center: Vehicle Traffic Control with Barriers

Large shopping centers typically have multiple entrances designated for vehicles or pedestrians. Having a well-managed parking facility is a significant advantage, attracting a higher number of visitors.

The dynamic management of parking spaces, constantly adapting to changes, presents specific challenges. Special areas for parking and entry are essential for employees or special customers, such as those with physical disabilities. Common tools for traffic control include barrier gates and bollards.

Comparison of Barrier Gates and Bollards for Parking Lots

Barrier gates are simpler and even more cost-effective than bollards. However, bollards offer enhanced aesthetics and, in some cases, better deterrent capabilities against unauthorized vehicle access.

Foldable barrier gate designs are suitable for locations with height restrictions, especially in multi-level parking structures.

Entrance Turnstiles

Advanced and large shopping centers usually have separate entrances for employees and visitors. Employee entrances feature attendance devices for tracking and verifying employee movements, while visitor entrances are equipped with metal detectors to prevent the illegal entry of threatening items, enhancing overall community safety and security.

Electronic Locks and Latches

For areas where regular individuals are not allowed entry, electronic locks and latches can be employed. This ensures that only authorized individuals with permissions to access specific areas, such as cargo elevators, can enter.

Security Patrols

Patrol tools are utilized during both daytime and after-hours in shopping centers. The system requires guards to visit predefined locations at specific hours, registering their activities. Subsequently, the recorded patrol reports become accessible for review.

RFID Technology

RFID technology allows tracking the whereabouts of equipped transmitters. This technology facilitates the registration of exits for individuals or equipment carrying these transmitters. Configurations can be set to trigger alerts or lock entries in the event of unauthorized exits.

Software Solutions

Through the integration of software and hardware, comprehensive management of all control equipment in shopping centers can be achieved. This seamless integration enhances the efficiency of surveillance and control units.

By aligning our security solutions with SEO standards, FEBEX aims to provide not only physical security but also a digitally optimized and accessible platform for shopping centers, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for both visitors and employees alike.

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