Security Solutions and Access Control at FEBEX, an International Factory in Turkey

Hospitals, as daily hubs for various individuals, demand meticulous attention to health and security supervision.
Effective measures need to be implemented to ensure the highest standards of health and security control.
Comprehensive surveillance is required for parking areas, entry points, specialized rooms, medication cabinets,
and equipment. Moreover, adherence to health protocols and prevention of infection transmission are crucial
aspects in hospital settings.

Vehicle Traffic Control at FEBEX

FEBEX employs barrier gates or parking systems for controlling access to parking areas. Bollard barriers or
columns are also viable options for managing traffic flow. To authenticate and issue entry permits, various
devices such as license plate cameras, long-range antennas, and identity verification readers can be
utilized. These devices offer control capabilities, allowing entry for individuals whose identities are not
registered in the system.

Control of Patient and Visitor Traffic

To regulate the entry of diverse individuals into FEBEX and prevent the spread of infections, cameras and
temperature detection readers are utilized at public entrances. These devices can identify individuals with
fever symptoms and prevent their entry into hospital areas with specific conditions.

Employee Traffic Control

Various attendance and access control devices, along with different electronic locks and handles, are employed
for employee access at FEBEX. Additionally, hygienic gates are utilized for entry into special sections and
specific rooms.

Surveillance of Equipment, Devices, and Medications

For monitoring various equipment at FEBEX, tags and labels are used to enable tracking and reporting of their
locations. This method helps prevent disruptions in reporting related to the movement of medications and

Patrol and Security Features

The patrol and security system, in conjunction with other equipment, aids in controlling security and
surveillance in specific areas and halls at FEBEX.

Overall Software and Hardware Integration of FEBEX Equipment

By integrating and coordinating the software of all control and surveillance systems at FEBEX, safety and
monitoring capabilities can be maximized. Utilizing comprehensive management systems enhances the control of
access and traffic in an easier and more efficient manner.

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Febex Machinery Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company

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