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PBT-09IRA Non-Contact Exit Chassis with IR Thermal Sensor

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PBT-09IRA Non-Contact Exit Chassis with IR Thermal Sensor

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PBT-09IRA Non-Contact Exit Chassis with IR Thermal Sensor

The BTN-09 push exit button is a smart device for opening exit doors without a remote, commonly used in most access control systems. It is suitable for installation in locations where one-way traffic control is needed. By pressing the exit button, the door automatically opens, allowing individuals to exit without additional control.

The BTN-09 push exit button, featuring a modern design and diverse functionalities, is used to open exit doors without a remote. This device is suitable for use in access control systems requiring one-way traffic control. The exit panel of this device has NC and NO contacts and also has relay output. These features allow the BTN-09 exit button to be easily connected to various electric doors, smart doors, electric locks, turnstile gates, and electronic locks. By pressing the button, the relay activates and opens the door.

The BTN-09 push exit button boasts remarkable features that enhance performance and user confidence.

  • Relay Output with NC and NO Contacts: The BTN-09 button provides relay output with Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO) contacts, allowing you to choose and use it based on your specific needs.
  • Beautiful and High-Quality: Designed with a zinc alloy body, the BTN-09 button not only performs excellently but also adds aesthetic value to the user’s environment.
  • Micro Switch with Extensive Capabilities: Equipped with a micro switch, the button offers precise and optional settings, enhancing flexibility and adjustment in various aspects.
  • Reputable Brand: The BTN-09 product is from Pegasus Taiwan, one of the most reputable electronic item manufacturers, ensuring high quality and performance.
  • LED for Night Visibility: The button features an LED that allows users to see and use it at night, making it especially useful in low-light conditions.

With these outstanding features, the BTN-09 button not only improves productivity but also enhances the user experience.

Product Type Key Button
Application For exit in access and electric control systems
Dimensions 36*70*115 mm
Weight 124g
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C
Material Zinc Alloy
Operating Voltage 10 to 16V DC
Humidity 10% to 80%
Standby Current Consumption 10 mA
Working Current Consumption 20 mA
Durability 3,000,000 mechanical cycles and 200,000 electrical cycles
PBT-09IRA Non-Contact Exit Chassis with IR Thermal Sensor
By installing an access control device in front of the door and a BTN-09 push exit button behind the door, you can manage the movement of individuals in the best possible way. The BTN-09 push exit button, with its sturdy body resistant to dust and adverse weather conditions up to 80%, operates in compliance with relevant standards. Additionally, its beautiful design and easy installation make it suitable for various organizational and administrative projects.

The BTN-09 model door opener, featuring a beautiful body with an LED-equipped metal button, helps the user in the dark and allows you to easily recognize the active and standby states of the device. This exit button is equipped with a long-lasting micro switch with high mechanical and electrical resistance. With high durability and modern design, the BTN-09 model is made of zinc alloy and offers high quality.

The use of the BTN-09 push exit button is recommended not only in residential and commercial buildings but also in banks, offices, hospitals, airports, and other places requiring one-way traffic control.

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What material is the body of the Febex gates made of?

The body of Febex glass gates is made of steel. In the case of lever gates, the body is made entirely of steel. In order to reduce production costs, some models of the gates are made of iron sheets with electrostatic oven painting.

What are the warranty conditions for Febex gates?

The warranty for all gates is 18 months. Febex products are also covered by a 10-year after-sales service. Services and guarantees are offered by phone, in-person and online.

What model of access control equipment is installed on the gates of the Febex company?

All types of access control devices are installed at Febex gates and there are no restrictions in this regard. Access control devices can be installed on these gates, which work with cards, fingerprints, or facial recognition. A barcode reader with relay output can also be installed on FEBEX traffic gates.

Is your company's software compatible with Febex Gates?

The gate is hardware and in order to communicate with your software, it is essential that the access control reader installed on the gate is able to communicate and connect with your software.

How do people cross the traffic gate?

The traffic of employees and people depends on your organization’s policy. Employees typically pass through the gate using cards, fingerprints, and facial recognition. Traffic from people who are not employees of the organization is handled by two methods: a Traffic card or paper receipt and a barcode reader. It is also possible to use a combination of all these options.

How many traffic aisles are needed for your business?

The number of aisles and doorways depends on the size of the building entrance and the volume of traffic during peak hours. According to the standard, on average 45 people per minute pass through each corridor of the gate and 15 people per minute in the company. For every 100 people, simultaneous traffic during peak hours is recommended.

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