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Flap Turnstile Gate (FX301)

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Flap Turnstile Gate (FX301)

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Flap Turnstile Gate (FX301)

The FEBEX fx 301
The FEBEX flapping-wing access control gate fx 301 is one of the lowest friction access control gates available on the market. Its fast, easy, and lightweight motion mechanism for the wings has turned this gate into the quickest access control gate on the market. The body of this type of access control gate is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which not only provides high durability to the product but also bestows a unique beauty to it.


The structure and framework of the gate are made of 1.5-millimeter-thick steel, providing a sturdy and robust steel body. This gate features a unique and attractive design with the capability of mounting a minimum of 5 pairs up to a maximum of 10 pairs of advanced optical sensors. It comes with a mechanical lock to prevent the gate wings from being manually opened. It also allows for connectivity with various attendance and access control devices and can be linked to different fire alarm systems and smart home technologies. This gate supports integration with various automation systems for visitors, attendance, access control, and more. Additionally, it features a Self-Examine system for identifying technical issues, facilitating ease of repair and maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Material of body: 2-millimeter-thick 304 stainless steel sheet
Barrier material: Laminated tempered glass or plexiglass
Barrier motion method: Automatically operated upon authentication based on an adjustable mechanical mechanism
Direction of operation: Bidirectional / Unidirectional
Throughput rate: 35 persons per minute
Type of cabin: Side cabin or middle cabin (based on order)
Traffic direction indicator: Using LED lamps
Gate direct control: Comes with a dedicated control panel
Motion mechanism: Automatic servo mechanism
Motor: 24 Volt, 50 Watt (European)
Gearbox: 1 to ? (European)
Sensor: Optical sensor, both transmitter and receiver (Number of sensors is customizable)
Hallway release: With remote control (customizable)
Barrier structure: Sliding glass or plexiglass
Reader placement within the body: Possible (customizable)
Features: Passage accuracy and a people counter (customizable)
Wing lighting: Possible (customizable)
Logo engraving on the wing: Possible (customizable)
Access control system: Card, barcode, magnet, fingerprint, face recognition, etc. (customizable)
Protection level: IP54
Power supply: 24 Volt, 10 Ampere
Hallway width: 55 centimeters
Wing height from ground level: 70 centimeters
Dimensions: 10028120 centimeters
Temperature range: -30 to 60 degrees Celsius
Humidity range: 0 %% to 95 %%

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Flap Turnstile Gate (FX301)

Due to the high-quality body material, this product can be used in industrial environments, petrochemical factories, and other high-traffic areas. The wings and passage gates of the FEBEX flapping-wing access control are made of durable plexiglass, which, thanks to its rapid movement, allows for its use in busy entrances. Additionally, it is possible to engrave the esteemed clients’ logos on the wings of the access control gate to create a special aesthetic at the entrance.

The FEBEX flapping-wing access control gate is equipped with a mechanical lock on its wing mechanism, which prevents the wings from being opened manually, thus providing greater security to users. This access control gate can be utilized in both directions, for entrance and exit, and supports bidirectional movement.

Moreover, the FEBEX flapping-wing access control has advanced motion sensors on both sides, so that if someone enters from the opposite side, it doesn’t allow another person to enter from the front. The FEBEX access control gate also has a safety sensor to prevent two people from passing through the gate simultaneously.

Along the passageway of the access control gate, a significant number of sensors can be installed for various purposes, including an anti-collision safety sensor to prevent the wings from hitting pedestrians. One of the most important sensors that can be installed is the passage verification sensor, which ensures a person must pass through the gate path, the gate wings close, and the terminal gate sensor detects the person before registering their passage. This system prevents any form of cheating during the entry or exit in your organization.

The FEBEX flapping-wing access control gate has LEDs to indicate the direction of movement and operation of the gate, which greatly assists people in entering and exiting. These LEDs display the direction of gate movement in red and green colors. The FEBEX flapping-wing access control is capable of connecting to various systems like intelligent fire alarm systems, building automation, etc., to unlock entry and exit paths in special situations like fires or earthquakes upon receiving signals from these systems.

The FEBEX flapping-wing access control gate can maintain an online connection with various attendance and access control devices such as face recognition, fingerprint, card systems, etc. Furthermore, FEBEX access control gates can establish online communication with various software automations like attendance, client visit control, etc. The FEBEX access control has obtained the CE standard from the European Union and features a self-examine system which can identify any malfunction, significantly aiding the repair and maintenance of the access control gate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the body of the Febex gates made of?

The body of Febex glass gates is made of steel. In the case of lever gates, the body is made entirely of steel. In order to reduce production costs, some models of the gates are made of iron sheet with electrostatic oven painting.

What are the warranty conditions for Febex gates?

The warranty for all gates is 18 months. Febex products are also covered by a 10-year after-sales service. Services and guarantees are offered by phone, in-person and online.

What model of access control equipment is installed on the gates of the Febex company?

All types of access control devices are installed at Febex gates and there are no restrictions in this regard. Access control devices can be installed on these gates, which work with cards, fingerprints or facial recognition. A barcode reader with a relay output can also be installed on FEBEX traffic gates.

Is your company's software compatible with Febex Gates?

The gate is a hardware and in order to communicate with your software, it is important that the access control reader installed on the gate is able to communicate and connect with your software.

How do people cross the traffic gate?

The traffic of employees and people depends on your organization’s policy. Employees typically pass through the gate using cards, fingerprints, and facial recognition. Traffic from people who are not employees of the organization is handled by two methods: a Traffic card or paper receipt and a barcode reader. It is also possible to use a combination of all these options.

How many traffic aisles are needed for your business?

The number of aisles and doorways depends on the size of the building entrance and the volume of traffic during peak hours. According to the standard, on average 45 people per minute pass through each corridor of the gate and 15 people per minute in the company. For every 100 people, simultaneous traffic during peak hours is recommended

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