Security and Access Control Solutions for Special Offices and Border Areas by FEBEX

Special Offices and Border Areas

Special offices and border areas require the highest level of security facilities and measures. Any negligence or error can have irreparable consequences. Preserving the safety of visitors and employees, as well as maintaining the appearance and structure of special offices and border areas, is crucial. To ensure the security of such locations, all necessary measures must be considered. Possible solutions for these areas include vehicle barriers, pedestrian gates, attendance and access control devices, identity scanners, electronic locks, electronic handles, patrol and guard devices, RFID, traffic control software, attendance and leave software, access control software, patrol and guard software, and comprehensive security and discipline software.

FEBEX Solutions for Special Offices and Border Areas:

Special Offices and Border Areas

The necessity of using appropriate solutions

The unique security conditions of special offices and border areas require more precise and enhanced monitoring and control compared to other locations. Therefore, it is recommended to leverage all available potentials in this regard. Unauthorized entry or movement in such areas can be hazardous and threatening under any circumstances. Providing security equipment and facilities, along with facilitating and expediting visitor procedures, ensures that the chosen solution is more sensitive to the heightened security needs.

It is impractical to station a guard or security personnel at every entrance, locker, or room. It is better to segregate various types of traffic, with staff using attendance and identity verification devices, and visitors using other entrances. Smart devices for security control of visitors should be employed to eliminate human errors and enable real-time control and precise reporting.

Access level grading allows for a more focused energy allocation towards achieving organizational goals.

Vehicle Traffic Control with FEBEX Solutions

Choosing the right security solutions simplifies and expedites the workflow. Parking barriers can be used at the entry point of vehicle traffic or the beginning of the inspection path to alert and control the speed of traffic. In more sensitive areas, high-resistance barriers such as bollards and road blockers are necessary. These measures ensure that no vehicle can pass through border and sensitive points without thorough inspection. Vehicles belonging to the organization can be equipped with various vehicle identifiers such as license plate recognition cameras and RFID for automated access without the need for stops.

Personnel Traffic Control with FEBEX Solutions

Pedestrian traffic can easily be controlled using metal-detection pedestrian gates. Pedestrian gates are the most secure gates against crowd pressure and congestion. Unauthorized entry of individuals is impossible through these gates. Depending on the security level considered for each location, various types of full-height, half-height, swing, and sliding pedestrian gates can be used.

Application of Guard Tour Systems

Guard tour modules are among the most practical tools for special offices and border areas. Guards are required to visit pre-determined locations during specific hours, and the receivers at these locations confirm these patrols. Subsequently, the reporting module verifies the accuracy of the guard tour. In this way, there is no possibility of neglecting or not performing guard duties.

Utilizing Software Solutions

Access to and use of rooms, cabinets, and specific areas can be easily controlled using software solutions. All accesses are configurable and coordinated, thanks to comprehensive security and guard management software provided by FEBEX. Real-time and centralized monitoring allows for more accurate and faster task execution.

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